Brother TZe-CL4 - 18mm Head Cleaning Cassette

BrotherSKU: TZ-CL4

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Whats in the box:

  • 1x 18mm P-Touch Printer Head Cleaning Tape
  • For Brother P-Touch printers that accept 18mm TZ / TZe tapes


  • Special P-Touch cleaning tape
  • Removes dust and debris from your P-Touch printers print head
  • Maintains the print quality of your P-Touch label printer.

Compatible with the following Brother P-Touch Label Printers:
PT-9800: PT-9600: PT-9500: PT-7600: PT-3600: PT-2730: PT-2700: PT-2480: PT-2460: PT-2430: PT-2420: PT-2100: PT-18R: PT-1830: PT-1950: PT-2030: PT-2400: PT-2420PC:PT-2430PC: PT-2450DX: PT-2470: PT-2500PC: PT-2610: PT-7500: PT-9200DX: PT-9200PC: PT-9400: PT-9500PC: PT-9700PC: PT-9800PCN: RL-700S: PT-PC: PT-H500: PT-D600: PT-D450: PT-E550 RL-700S

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