Tape Separator Tool


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Whats in the box:

  • One Brother PT-tape separator


  • Tool for helping to remove the TZ: TX & TC type label tape from the backing paper. Recommended item.

This handy little tool is cheap and easy to use. It is used for separating the laminated tape from the backing paper.

Ideal for users with limited finger movement or when hands are cold. The tape tool is easy to use: there is a nack to using this but it will save time and make removing the label from the backing much easier.

Instructions For Use

1) Simply insert about 30-50mm of the tape into the slot of the tape tool.
2) Rotate the tool about 180 degrees and pull the tape through the tool.

This will cause the tape to lift from the backing paper allowing its easy removal.

See it demonstrated click the Video above

Please note that this tape tool is designed for use with Brother TZ: TC & TX type laminated tapes only.

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